Net Gen Nonsense

Net Gen Nonsense

I came across this blog via George Siemens’ elearnspace ERN newsletter. It provides a balance (if not a balanced) to counter the oft made assertions about the generation of younger learners who are completely net-savvy, digital natives etc. I also came across similar balancing statements in a dissertation I have just examined… I’ll need to get the references!


One Response to Net Gen Nonsense

  1. Shirley says:

    Thanks for this, Pete. I had a wander round the blog and thought about the Learning, Technology & Research students. The sample is probably too small but on an anecdotal level there doesn’t seem to be a generational divide in purposive (work or study) use of online technologies. Younger students may seem more familiar or comfortable with Facebook and other social networking sites, although media reports claim that such networks are being taken over by “oldies”. Assessment products tell a different story, more about attitude than age.

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