Two reports on usage of media/online tools

13 September 2007

This week’s eLearning Resources and News from George Siemens draws attention to two recent reports.

Firstly from Deloitte a report on ‘media democracy in the US‘. (PDF)

71% of 13-24s read content created by others, with 56% claiming to be creators of online content.

Secondly, and more enlightening, a report from the US National School Boards’  Association (CREATING & CONNECTING//Research and Guidelines on Online Social — and Educational — Networking ) looks at the use of online tools by teens. It has a section on the educational uses of social netowrking – 59% report they use such channels for learning purposes.

It identifies 31% of teens as being non-conformists. Those who break rules (or maybe conventions) on access and safety. These non-conformists lead the way in creation, sharing and networking online.

Also interesting were the stats that show almost universal expectations across board districts that students should use online sources for learning, while at the same banning networking and communication tools in school. And also an very low percentage of teens reporting having met someone face-to-face having first met them through the Internet (but maybe they just aren’t saying). Still a very interesting picture of the educational dimensions of social networking.