Reframing and a timeline!

26 June 2007

Following on from my tutorial at NTU I took the landscape to my ‘external advisor’, Peter Twining (of Schome fame). We spent an hour and a half in heated discussion. Heated to the extent that my brain fried but all very amicable! The outcomes were firstly a re-framing of my thoughts – and probably of my aims although that can wait for a while, and secondly a timeline for the project.

What emerged was a clarity of vision: I am looking at

A how year 11 students perceive ICT capability and
B how the assessment system (at 16) perceives it.

My project is to define the difference between A and B and to suggest ways in which the two may be aligned. This latter point, of a PhD thesis making recommendations, is one of the doctoral level learning outcomes that I hadn’t really paid attention to. Actually I hadn’t come across any of these outcomes before this month… I’ll post something about them if I can find an electronic copy or time to type them up!

I also came away with a timeline. The literature review that have embarked on will need to give way to a finding my way to a suitable methodology. This will require a change of focus of reading to look more at the methodology and methods I wish to adopt so that I may collect data in the coming academic year. Part of this discussion will be to look at the literature around ascertaining student’s perceptions and gathering the student voice.

I will also need to consider the impact of eliciting views from students in school situations as opposed to outside school. The choice of data collection instruments will also be subject to discussion – will interviews suffice, or will observation of their capability be necessary. It is likely that a piloting of a range of tools will be needed with a fuller data collection in 2008/09.

This data collection, together with the literature review, will yield information about A above. Further review of the literature, this time on policy, together with examination of assessment materials (exams, coursework assignments), will yield information on B and reveal the differences between them. This will then lead to the recommendation phase.

A rough timeline has been developed (click image to see it full size):


Whither my landscape in this simplified model? The landscape had four features – assessment, learning, policy and technology. These may be seen in the model, I believe:

  • assessment is in A and B
  • learning is in A
  • policy is in B
  • technology is in A and B