Article for ITTE Newsletter

I wrote an article for the latest edition of the ITTE newsletter. Entitled Weblogs, PhDs and Google-generated concept lists it reflects on the process of doing a PhD. In particular issues of using a weblog and the way in which links to the log might help generate a concept map of my reading.


3 Responses to Article for ITTE Newsletter

  1. Hi Pete. For me, the beauty of this approach is that it is the antithesis of what many researchers are trying to develop as the semantic web What I mean is that your approach is ontologically relativistic dependent upon the authors you identify making connections that mean something to them not necessarily according to any pre-determined schema or categorisation. This offers the increased opportunity new understanding built upon the ‘friction’ of competing ideas and knowledge – Wenger’s boundary interactions.

    Thanks for the inspiration – my PhD is still a target!:^)

  2. petebradshaw says:

    Thanks Stephen. I might have to digest ‘ontologically relativistic dependen(cy)’ quite slowly 😉

    Also… is Wikipedia a suitable source for a definition, or does that itself depend on the authors’ viewpoint.

  3. I think I have read, although I can’t remember where, that research has shown Wikipedia to have fewer errors than Encyclopaedia Britannica. I suppose it also partly depends upon the distinction between fact, interpretation, and opinion and the safe answer is to use multiple sources – which, arguably, Wikepedia already is… Is this an issue of epistemology?

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