Article for ITTE Newsletter

11 April 2007

I wrote an article for the latest edition of the ITTE newsletter. Entitled Weblogs, PhDs and Google-generated concept lists it reflects on the process of doing a PhD. In particular issues of using a weblog and the way in which links to the log might help generate a concept map of my reading.

Innovate – The Net Generation issue

5 April 2007

Innovate – April/May 2007 Volume 3, Issue 4

Welcome to the April/May issue of Innovate. Over the last twenty years, a new generation of students has started to appear, first in our K-12 schools and more recently in our colleges and universities. Known as the Net Generation, this is a generation that has grown up with video games, computers, and the Internet. The expectations, attitudes, and technological fluency of this new generation present both a challenge and an opportunity for educators. In this special issue of Innovate, we examine how educators and educational systems can respond to the challenge and leverage the opportunity.