Becta publish Emerging technologies for learning (vol 2)

Becta – Emerging technologies for learning

These publications consider how emerging technologies may impact on education in the medium term.

They are not intended to be a comprehensive review of educational technologies, but offer some highlights across the broad spectrum of developments and trends. They highlight some of the possibilities that are developing and the potential for technology to transform our ways of working, learning and interacting over the next three to five years.
Emerging technologies for learning

This publication includes the chapters:

* Emerging trends in social software for education (PDF 470KB, Lee Bryant, Headshift)
* Learning networks in practice (PDF 508KB, Stephen Downes, NRC)
* The challenge of new digital literacies and the ‘hidden curriculum’ (PDF 385KB, Jo Twist, ippr)
* How to teach with technology: keeping both teachers and students comfortable in an era of exponential change (PDF 311KB, Marc Prensky)
* Games in education (PDF 596KB, Keri Facer, Futurelab; Tim Dumbleton, Becta)
* Ubiquitous computing (PDF 866KB, David Ley, Becta)

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