Too much technology in the classroom?

This BBC report asks if there is “Too much technology in the classroom”?. A fairly light piece, it does make reference to the interface between students’ use of technology outside of school and in it.

3 Responses to Too much technology in the classroom?

  1. Gina says:

    It is annoying though isn’t it, how often articles on technology in schools are quite sensationalist and/or miss the point entirely?? In this one they discuss the wasted hardware in schools and talk about how difficult it is for teachers to keep up, but it’s not until the last paragraph that they get to the heart of it and talk about the changing pedagogy of personalised learning, which technology can assist.

    A project set up in NZ to look at how secondary education will look in the future, recently released a series of reports. I think the project is fantastic and the findings in the report right on the button – but the press report began with a ghastly headline which I can’t quite remember word for word, but it was something like – our children will be taught by computers not teachers. The subheading in the electronic item is not so bad but still irritating…

    ‘Classrooms of the future will see computers replacing books and children logging on from home PCs for interactive lessons with overseas students’

  2. petebradshaw says:

    Thanks Gina, that’s journalists for you I guess. Thanks for the link to the report. I’ll take a look.

  3. Andy says:

    Also today:

    “Replacing school blackboards with hi-tech interactive whiteboards’ has been a waste of £50million, say academics.”

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