Aims revisited

My original aims were

1. To critically analyse the ways in which students aged 16 construct their learning of ICT capability in formal and informal contexts.
2. To explore the relationship between formal and informal learning within the field of ICT.
3. To explore the methodologies of assessment of ICT capability at 16 and how this affects student perceptions of their capability.
4. To develop a theoretical base to evaluate the construct validity of assessment of ICT at 16.

In looking especially at numbers 2 and 4 a concept map (or at least a list) appears to be emerging. In addition to the concepts contained in these aims – formal and informal learning, validity of assessment, methodologies of assessment, personal constructs of learning – two others are emerging. One is about young people’s appropriation of technology for learning, the other is the policy agenda.

The former is the subject of the reports and books I seem to be drawn to.  Maybe it is this topic that will allow me a way into the theory of aim 1 – personal constructs. I have yet to touch on this, but much of the literature on young people’s use of technology seems to be based on this, if implicitly.

So in looking at the Demos report, there is much about how and what young people have learnt. The assumption seems to be that they are controlling the learning, choosing what to learn. Maybe it is also that they are constructing what they have learnt. Certainly if there is to be reverse-ICT then this construct of learning would need to be articulated or manifested in some way. It would be made explicit through the act of learners teaching adults. this is outside the scope of my research here. On the other hand the making of the learning explicit through examination of learners’ perceptions and constructs of their learning is at the heart of aim 1.

I had started to be concerned about the neglect of this aim and the associated theory. The reflection in this post is reassuring me somewhat – and is an example of not knowing what I thought until I wrote it.

The second emerging  new concept (or issue) – the policy agenda – must not be forgottenbut is probably best considered as part of aim 3. I guess the next step is to start to build a concept map of ideas and authors to help ‘design’ the literature review section/s of my thesis.

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