Recognition of non-formal learning: EFVET

The European Forum for Vocational Education and Training have a report that lists “Six key messages for lifelong learning”. The report appears to be date 2006 but I only divine that from the URL..

Key Message 4 is “VALUING LEARNING”. In here EFVET talk of valuing non-formal learning. There is talk of common recognition of ‘portfolios’. I agree with the sentiment but wonder about the effect of imposing standardised portfolios. Does the nature of informal learning make this difficult. Does the nature of ICT skills also work against it? You see a fully-functional spreadsheet – how do you know what skills the author actually possesses?

NB Although ICT is not mentioned explicitly in this section, it is a specified ‘skill’ elsewhere int he report. That it refers to ‘skills’ is another problem when thinking about education (as opposed to training). Are mere ‘skills’ enough?


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